About Our Cleaning Process

About the Cleaning Process

What does the Natural Gentle Process mean to you, the consumer?

A descendent of the original dry cleaning process, our 140 system is gentle and prolongs the life of your valued garment. That tell-tale dry cleaning odor that many cleaners have is eliminated. The process is very effective in removing that unwanted grime, soil and spots. It’s true, some spots are permanent, but if it’s removable, our process will remove the unwanted stain. Not only are your clothes gently cleaned, they are processed in a smoke-free environment.

Spots and Their Removal

Pre-treating of stains is very important. We have numerous awards from The International Fabricare Institute and The Neighborhood Cleaners Association.

Sunbury Cleaners has won more national spotting awards than any other Ohio dry cleaner.

The more we know about your stains, the better the chance is of removing them. Please let us know at that counter what the stain is, how long it has been there, and any other information that would be helpful.

Fine Finishing

After spotting and cleaning of your items, they must be expertly pressed so that they will have that fresh, off the rack look

After pressing each item, it is inspected to double check workmanship. Orders are put together, covered in fresh plastic, and ready for you to pick up.


Dress shirts are one of the most important parts of a man’s wardrobe. Many women also need that freshly starched look to their shirts. Yes, men’s and women’s shirts are the same price. We do not care which way the buttons go. Standard buttons that are missing or broken are replaced.

Extra Services

Besides dry cleaning and shirt laundry, we offer many other services, including bulk laundry, repairs, and alterations. We now also offer wedding gown preservation.